Opticon OPI-3301 Area Imager Scanner

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A compact handheld 2D imager using Bluetooth to communicate with other devices. Equipped with an aggressive imager providing quick and easy scanning. The lightweight handheld design of the OPI 3301 provides an ergonomic fit for all day use, maximizing comfort during operation.

Light and Sturdy
The Opticon OPI 3301 is a durable, yet comfortable 2D imager. It weighs only 110 grams, which is extremely light for a gun type imager. This solid scanner withstands drops up to 1.5 m onto concrete.

High Performance for Reliable Scanning
Opticon’s 2D Imager engine provides the OPI 3301 with a level of scanning aggressiveness that is beyond anything seen before. With the versatility to read all standard 1D and 2D barcodes from any orientation on a wide range of media – including mobile device screens – the Opticon OPI 3301 is the new benchmark for both performance and price!

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