Reasons to update your Restaurant POS Software

Well, let’s hear a story. Such a story which will take you to the complexities, a typical restaurant owner faces if he fails to update himself with time. Mr. Ravi has been in the restaurant business, inherited from his father for nearly a decade. He is running it manually, and at the end of each day, he sits with his day’s sale.

As an owner it is not possible for him to remain present in the restaurant always. Maintaining manually also gives way to manipulation. He is able to understand that some discrepancies do occur, but being dependent on a legacy pos software, he don’t know the way to stop these. Moreover, things have taken an ugly turn, when there came a new entrant in the scene. A new food joint which is specialized almost in every new and happening cuisine in town and had opened its 2nd outlet near to Mr. Ravi’s ubiquitous restaurant for decades. Things became worse when customers started taking a second choice, after a slow delivery gave rise to impatience resulting in ditching an eatery of years to get food of their choice in time.

In this state of anarchy how can a software help him? Is it just a software which can solve all the queries et al? It is said that help is always handy, if you want to help yourself. To help customers like Mr. Ravi, we are furnishing some relevant reasons of upgrading to Big Store software.

  • Tablet based ordering One of the most popular modes of automation, which has benefited customers and had triggered the service quality of restaurants to a huge extent is tab or mobile based ordering facility. This simple and easy to install application needs to be just installed in a tab or an iPad. Customer’s can order anything on your menu through a click.
  • Quick Service and faster day end calculation A manual setup not only slows down your business, but paves way for loads of other complications including  slow order taking, staff behavior, increased time for order delivery, and a day end report full of manipulation. A well planned integrated solution, will help you solve this.
  • Self-ordering kiosks A recent survey on the customer mix upon restaurants have given a clear analysis of the young generation being the most frequented and loyal customers of eateries. Given a huge time shortage in all spheres, customers are having a huge value of time. They no longer have time to wait in a serpentine queue and wait for orders. To tackle this issue food chains across the world, have established kiosks in food courts, where customers can order anything, whenever they want.
  • Benefits of Big Store POS system PoS, Inventory, Stock Management, Customers, Suppliers and Finances bottles down to one place and available at a key-press. Integrated systems helps you take decisions more informed and on-time. Having a clear idea about your vendor also helps you to choose the more economic one. You will be effectively able to manage an equilibrium between receivables and payable.
  • Payroll of your staff The entire functionality of your restaurant depends upon them, yes your staff.So, as an employer you should always ensure that the payment procedure and the timely incentive or commission should reach the most important person at the correct time. A timely payment with occasional incentive plan motivates him to work better.

To conclude, we can say that automating your restaurant is the most wise and good decision which will increase the efficiency and functionality of your restaurant. Moreover, you can surely get to concentrate on your customer and discover new ways and techniques to satisfy them.

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