WeP BP 5000 Plus

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  • WeP BP 5000 Plus is a Dot Matrix printer
  • Stores upto 21,000 items
  • 1+3 Copy bill printing
  • Data Transfer from PC to Billing printer and from Billing printer to PC using Pendrive / Serial port
  • Bill printing in 3 inch to 8 inch Stationary
  • Printer cum billing machine
  • Purchase Entry with supplier database and reports
  • Print Bills and Reports on 3″ , 4″ , 6″ and 8″ Roll papers
  • Gives upto 1year of various Sales and Tax reports

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Introducing WeP BP 5000 Plus the latest addition to the range of Retail Billing Printers from WeP Solutions Limited. BP 5000 Plus comes with the features of purchase entry with supplier database and reports . BP range is India’s largest selling billing printer with more than 50,000 Plus Installations and still growing at an unbelievably fast pace. Our happy customers include Grocery Outlets, Bakeries, Hotels, Restaurants, Sweet Shops, Garments, Foot Wears, Canteens, Ice Cream Parlours, Petrol Pumps etc

  1. 21,000 Item Database
  2. Calculator bill with Report
  3. Forward / Reverse Tax option
  4. Department wise Sales Report
  5. Purchase entry with supplier database & reports
  6. 60 month’s Summary Reports
  7. 5 year’s Year wise Reports
  8. One year data storage