Sunmi P1 POS Billing Machine

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The Sunmi P1 from CITAQ is a hand-held mobile payment device that scans, processes, and verifies all forms of payments within a second, including EMV swipe and chip credit cards, QR codes, Magnetic Stripe cards, Apply Pay, Samsung Pay, and other bank cards. This compact all-in-one device also allows users to place orders, schedule deliveries, and make bookings, all of which can be closely managed on Sunmi Cloud. The CITAQ P1 integrates PC, touch, display and embedded line thermal printer into one device with a powerful battery life.

  • 1 Year Warranty

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The SUNMI P1 is much more than a traditional Point-Of-Sales (POS) system. It’s absolutely all you need to quickly, conveniently and efficiently manage your business transactions!

The SUNMI P1 integrates PC, touch, display and a printer into one compact device that also boasts an exceptionally powerful battery life.