ikonnect INFINI

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ikonnect INFINI will help you to manage your inventory and maintain food costs

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Keep your products organized with prices and categories, and unlimited products.

Min,Max Reorder
Par levels of inventory management to maintain optimize stocks.

Capturing yield% will avoid confusions for inventory.

Use Barcode Scanners to manage your inventory more quickly and accurately.

Vendor Management
Vendor, credit days,credit limit contact person.

Vendor Item
Attaching items for specified vendor.

Multiple Locations
Track Inventory in Multiple Locations to more precisely track aisle number, bin numbers etc.

Maintain recipe Procedure to create recipes and recipe versions.

Menu Recipe
Recipe based on transaction type dine in,takeaway etc.

Unit Of Measurement
Multiple units of measurement, e.g. buy by the case, track inventory by the piece and sell by the dozen.

Multiple Locations & Sub Locations
Track inventory in multiple locations. Use sub locations to more precisely track aisle numbers, bin numbers,etc.

Full Movement History
Use the Reorder Stock button to automatically generate Purchase Orders for products that are low in stock

Reorder Stock
Use the Reorder Stock button to automatically generate Purchase Orders for products that are low in stock

Product Cost Tracking
ikonnect can automatically keep track of your product costs, using a moving average if they change.

Multi-User Network
Have everyone working off the same data in real time using multi-user mode. You can have everyone’s computers connected within the same network, or even over the internet.

Access Rights
Restrict who has access to see or modify what. ikonnect allows you to create different login users, each with a different set of access right.

Asset Management
Creating assets with unique numbers with placed positions.

Asset Maintenance
Repairing, scheduled maintenance.

Head Office & Branch
Two ways synchronization between branch office and head office.

Product Access
User based security access for product and recipes.

Approval Routing
Purchasing/Indenting lets you route document for approval based on either position hierarchies or employee/supervisor relationship. In both cases, you control whether documents are routed to the first employee with enough authority to approve the document, or if they must pass through each level of the associated hierarchy or reporting infrastructure regardless of authority. You can also control whether document owners are able to approve the documents they created.