Bixolon BCD-1000 Customer Display

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  • Compact size and True USB interface connection (BCD-1100)
  • Clear, easy-to-read 20 Characters _ 2 Lines Dot Matrix, Comma, Decimal Point, Annunciator
  • Bright blue and green vacuum fluorescent display.
  • Vacuum fluorescent display offers wide range of viewing angles
  • Customization pole length
  • Easy connectivity to a wide range of BIXOLON receipt printers
  • Automatic message scrolling
  • Easily programmable for customer messages
  • Available in BIXOLON Ivory and BIXOLON Dark Gray

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The BCD-1100/1000 is powerful Vacuum Fluorescent Display which provides a wide viewing angle, long life, high reliability and high display quality. It is
designed to improve image and service with an enhanced customer display, featuring modules PC-based POS applications.

Compact size and Clear display
BIXOLON’s BCD-1100/1000 is a slim customer display that provides your customers clear, easy-to-read information at the fastest data-transfer rate available. The easy-to-use VFD makes at attractive communication with customers by its fascinating design and rich colors.

User-friendly design
With USB cable connection (BCD-1100) and pass-through functionality (BCD-1000), BIXOLON customer displays are all easy to connect with BIXOLON receipt printers and directly connect with customers’ existing host terminal. Especially the new BCD-1100 is a solution to make you save the power consumption and also save on counter place because it is not needed the power supply.

Freely adjustable telescopic pole height
All poles are factory standard and the BCD-1100 and BCD-1000 are both easily able to adjust the pole length by any users.

Convenient wall mounting
Save the counter space and ensure the clear viewing angle of your customers. No more space on the counter is important for installation.

User-friendly software tools
• Easy plug-and-play USB setup – Automatic detection of the new hardware connected to the PC via the USB port
• Easy-to use utility program – Various code page selection out of 16 – Using the VMSM, a configuration setting can be preserved even after power shutdown
• Versatile Emulations – ESC/POS, ADM787/788, DSP800, AEDEX, DSP800, AEDEX, UTC Standard, UTC Enhance, CD5220, NCR Real POS, PD6000, ICD2002