• Opticon L-50x Cabled 2D Scanner

    Call for Price

    A few highlights why this scanner should be your next purchase:

    • Customization
    • Auto-trigger option for hands free scanning
    • Your choice for the engine
    • Plug and play

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  • Opticon M-10 Area Imager Scanner

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    • Supports all common linear (1D) bar
    • codes and 2D codes
    • Omni directional scanning
    • Imaging for mobile coupons
    • High-speed imaging for fast moving codes
    • Automatic sensing or manual trigger
    • options available

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  • Opticon OPC 3301i 1D Wireless Scanner

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    A few highlights why the OPC-3301i should be in your hands:

    • 1D Scanning
    • Bluetooth connection
    • Lightweight
    • Plug and play
    • Charging cradle available

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  • Opticon OPH-3001 (With 1D) Batch Mode Data Collector

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    The Opticon OPH-3001 is a reliable, durable and affordable mobile terminal that features an elegant design and a high speed (100 scans/second), integrated laser scanner that quickly and accurately scans barcodes. With its vibrant color display and compact size and weight, the OPH-3001 is the ideal solution for asset management, inventory control and mobile sales automation. In addition, since the OPH-3001 is fully programmable, channel partners can create custom solutions around the mobile device using the free SDK from Opticon.

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  • Opticon OPI-3301 Area Imager Scanner

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    A compact handheld 2D imager using Bluetooth to communicate with other devices. Equipped with an aggressive imager providing quick and easy scanning. The lightweight handheld design of the OPI 3301 provides an ergonomic fit for all day use, maximizing comfort during operation.

    Light and Sturdy
    The Opticon OPI 3301 is a durable, yet comfortable 2D imager. It weighs only 110 grams, which is extremely light for a gun type imager. This solid scanner withstands drops up to 1.5 m onto concrete.

    High Performance for Reliable Scanning
    Opticon’s 2D Imager engine provides the OPI 3301 with a level of scanning aggressiveness that is beyond anything seen before. With the versatility to read all standard 1D and 2D barcodes from any orientation on a wide range of media – including mobile device screens – the Opticon OPI 3301 is the new benchmark for both performance and price!

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  • Opticon OPI-3601 2D Area Imager Scanner

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    The OPI-3601 is a versatile and reliable 2D handheld scanner that performs exactly how you want a scanner to perform. The high end technique inside assures barcode reading on almost  all surfaces, may it be phones, paper or poorly printed barcodes. You can rely on OPI-3601 to deliver.

    • High speed scanning
    • Data editing program
    • LED aiming
    • Plug & play
    • 1.5 m drop proof

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  • Opticon OPN-2001 Batch Mode Data Collector

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    The OPN-2001 pocket memory scanner makes barcode data collection simple for anyone. Using this scanner is straightforward – scan a barcode and it will be stored automatically. When you make a mistake, the lower button allows you to re-scan the barcode in order to remove the item from memory.

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  • Opticon OPN-2006 Bluetooth Mode Data Collector

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    The OPN2006 Bluetooth Companion Scanner enables real-time barcode scanning into any Bluetooth ready device including Android, iOS, Blackberry, PC and Mac. The OPN2006 scanner is small – it fits into a pocket or on a keychain and weighs only 29g. It comes at an affordable price point that enables any business to integrate barcode scanning into mobile applications.

    • Afordable real-time barcode scanning with Android, Apple, Blackberry or Windows Mobile
    • Supports Secure Simple Pairing in both HID and SPP Bluetooth profiles for added flexibility
    • Ready-to-go out of the box, just pair it with your device
    • Conveniently holds up to 25,000 scans when batch mode is required
    • Free SDK available to give you the option to customize scanning behavior
    • Simple, one-touch scanning
    • Small form factor – weighs only 1 oz
    • 100 scans/second laser barcode scanner
    • USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
    • Audible and visible feedback after a successful scan

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