Data Collectors

  • Opticon OPH-3001 (With 1D) Batch Mode Data Collector

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    The Opticon OPH-3001 is a reliable, durable and affordable mobile terminal that features an elegant design and a high speed (100 scans/second), integrated laser scanner that quickly and accurately scans barcodes. With its vibrant color display and compact size and weight, the OPH-3001 is the ideal solution for asset management, inventory control and mobile sales automation. In addition, since the OPH-3001 is fully programmable, channel partners can create custom solutions around the mobile device using the free SDK from Opticon.

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  • Opticon OPN-2001 Batch Mode Data Collector

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    The OPN-2001 pocket memory scanner makes barcode data collection simple for anyone. Using this scanner is straightforward – scan a barcode and it will be stored automatically. When you make a mistake, the lower button allows you to re-scan the barcode in order to remove the item from memory.

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  • Opticon OPN-2006 Bluetooth Mode Data Collector

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    The OPN2006 Bluetooth Companion Scanner enables real-time barcode scanning into any Bluetooth ready device including Android, iOS, Blackberry, PC and Mac. The OPN2006 scanner is small – it fits into a pocket or on a keychain and weighs only 29g. It comes at an affordable price point that enables any business to integrate barcode scanning into mobile applications.

    • Afordable real-time barcode scanning with Android, Apple, Blackberry or Windows Mobile
    • Supports Secure Simple Pairing in both HID and SPP Bluetooth profiles for added flexibility
    • Ready-to-go out of the box, just pair it with your device
    • Conveniently holds up to 25,000 scans when batch mode is required
    • Free SDK available to give you the option to customize scanning behavior
    • Simple, one-touch scanning
    • Small form factor – weighs only 1 oz
    • 100 scans/second laser barcode scanner
    • USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
    • Audible and visible feedback after a successful scan

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  • Opticon PX-20 (With 2D) Bluetooth Mode Data Collector

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    The PX-20 is a pocket memory scanner, enabling convenient barcode data collection.

    This device has a 2D scanning engine which enables storage of all main stream Bar-codes.

    It’s Bluetooth data communications capability allows for easy connection to a multitude of Bluetooth enabled devices to download the scanned Data.


    • Handheld 2D Data Collector
    • iOS / Windows / Android Compatible
    • 2D Imaging Engine
    • High performance scanning
    • Bluetooth 2.1
    • USB Cable
    • Ultra compact
    • Lightweight design
    • Programmable
    • 20 hours (1 scan / minute incl Bluetooth communication), 35 hours (1 scan / minute, Bluetooth not activated)

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