Cash Registers

  • WeP BP-JOY

    Call for Price
    • Prints up to 1000 bills/day
    • Standalone Billing Printer, works without a Pc
    • Thermal Printing Technology
    • Stores up to 700 items
    • 2-inch bill printout- Prints quickly
    • Generates 8 kinds of reports
    • Billing done alphabetically or through item code
    • GST & Discount can be included as required
    • Generates, Daily, Monthly and Yearly sales Reports
    • Stores data on items sold and bills amount
    • Display shop’s name and message on bill
    • High Reliability and low cost of ownership
    • Round off option -50 paisa/1 Rupee
    • Price Change
    • Coupon print is available

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  • WeP BP-Gold

    Call for Price
    • BP-Gold is a new edition to the retail billing product line
    • Specially meant for jewellery segment
    • Transfers Data to and from USB Pen drive
    • Calculate Making charges,hallmark charges, stone charges
    • Wastage and Accurate weight calculation
    • Weighing scale and USB Barcode Scanner connectivity
    • External Keyboard and Printer Connectivity
    • Prints Estimation Bill

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  • WeP BP-85

    Call for Price
    • WeP BP-85
    • 3″roll paper
    • connectivity-Weighing Scale
    • Data transfer from PC to billing printer and from billing printer to PC using pendrive
    • Billing printer with more than 50000 installations
    • Displays shop’s name and message on bill
    • Generates Daily, Monthly and Yearly Sales Report
    • Customized bill formats and reports & more

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  • WeP BP 85T Plus

    Call for Price
    • Prints 2000 bills /day
    • Gives daily, monthly, yearly and item wise sales report
    • Continuous Weighing scale Connectivity
    • Dat and firmware downloading through USB device
    • Calculator Report
    • 30 keys and 26 hot keys
    • USB interface

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  • WeP BP 5000 Plus

    Call for Price
    • WeP BP 5000 Plus is a Dot Matrix printer
    • Stores upto 21,000 items
    • 1+3 Copy bill printing
    • Data Transfer from PC to Billing printer and from Billing printer to PC using Pendrive / Serial port
    • Bill printing in 3 inch to 8 inch Stationary
    • Printer cum billing machine
    • Purchase Entry with supplier database and reports
    • Print Bills and Reports on 3″ , 4″ , 6″ and 8″ Roll papers
    • Gives upto 1year of various Sales and Tax reports

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  • WeP BP 25T with Battery

    Call for Price
    • Small and Compact Billing printer
    • Thermal printing for faster printing with inbuilt battery backup
    • Upload and Download data through USB and Serial port
    • Generates Daily, Monthly, Yearly and Item wise Sales reports
    • Continuous Weighing scale Connectivity
    • External Keyboard Connectivity

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  • WeP BP 25 T Plus

    Call for Price
    • Stores upto 2000 items
    • Prints upto 1750 bills / day
    • 200 items in a single bill
    • Logo printing option
    • Barcode Connectivity
    • 30 keys keypad with 26 hotkeys
    • Data downloading through USB
    • Weighing Scale Connectivity
    • Calculator Report available

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  • Wep BP 20 Plus

    Call for Price
    • Communication with PC via USB Cable.
    • 2rows × 16cols LCD operator display.
    • 26 numbers of HOT key operation (Configurable short cut keys)
    • Facility for Discount billing
    • Facility for price change billing
    • Facility for Other charge addition in Bill.
    • Various Reports.
    • 15 User login

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